Location:HKG-07B Infrared Pulse Sensor

HKG-07B Infrared Pulse Sensor

HKG-07B infrared pulse sensor uses infrared to detect the changes of volume within fingertip microvascular, which caused by the heart beating, after signal amplification, conditioning, its output is analog pulse voltage signal.
The sensor is mainly used for clinical pulse rate monitoring and pathological analysis of pulse wave


  • Working Voltage: 5~6V DC
  • Working Current: 20mA
  • Working environment temperature: -40~85 oC
  • Storage temperature: -40~125 oC
  • Frequency range: 0.5~16Hz
  • Output pulse amplitude: 0.2~1 V

Pin Definitions

Note:The shape of the sensor can be customized according to the user's requirements

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