Location:HKH-11L Bluetooth Respiration Sensor

HKH-11L Bluetooth Respiration Sensor

HKH-11L Bluetooth Respiration Sensor use piezoelectric principle to acquire the pressure signal produced by human breath, through the signal adjustment circuit, output respiratory waveform data. This sensor uses Bluetooth communication, lithium battery, also can detect battery power, adjust the breath wave amplitude automatically.

Using the serial Bluetooth adapter, communication should be set as follows:
Baud rate: 115200
Data format: 1 bit start, 8 bit data, 1 bit stop, no parity check
Data frame format:

Frame Data Description
Header(2 byte) Fixed to 0xF0 0xC0
Target Address (1 byte) Number of receiving equipment(When using a plurality of receiving devices),1-X
Source address (1 byte) Number of the sensor (address),1-X
Magnification (1 byte) Automatically adjust the magnification level,used to calculate the respiratory wave amplitude.
Example: 2 said magnified 2 times, 10 said magnified 10 times.
Battery power (1 byte) Percent, 0-100
Reserved (1 byte) Reserved
Data length (1 byte) Wave data length n
BYTE 1 Wave data 1
BYTE 2 Wave data 1
BYTE n Wave data 1
Checksum The above data summation take the low byte

Example:F0 C0 01 02 05 5A 00 32 X1 X2 … X50 Check

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