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HKS-12U Blood-Oxygen Sensor

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) is the percentage of be oxygen binding capacity of the oxygenated hemoglobin (HbO2) can be combined with the total capacity of hemoglobin. Which is the concentration of oxygen in the blood. It is an important physiological parameters of the respiratory and circulatory systems. Many respiratory diseases can cause a decrease in blood oxygen saturation, and the other body caused by anesthesia automatic adjustment disorders, major surgery, trauma and injury caused by some medical examination, may lead to the occurrence of oxygen supplied to the patient problem and reduce the body's oxygen saturation, thereby causing the patient dizziness, weakness, vomiting and other symptoms. Keep abreast of the patient's oxygen saturation conditions help doctors to detect problems, has a very important significance in the field of clinical medicine.
HKS-12U is our company developed the digital oxygen temperature module, used high-speed processor. HKS-12U is our company developed the digital oximetry module temperature, high-speed processor, with a small form, strong anti low perfusion, strong anti light interference, stable. It is compatible with BCI protocol, is widely used for remote monitoring.
  • Power: 5VDC,USB supply
  • Quiescent Current: ≤ 30mA
  • Working current:  ≤ 50mA
  • Temperature: 0 ~ 45 ℃
  • Humidity: 30~95%
  • Altitude: -500~5000米
  • SpO2
  • Range: 1%-100%
  • Resolution: 1%
  • Accuracy: 70~100% - 2%,0~69% - undefined
Pulse rate
  • Range: 25~250bpm
  • Resolution: 1bpm
  • Accuracy:2bpm
Communication Protocol:
  • Hardware interface: RS232 or USB(USB to UART Bridge)
  • Baud: 9600 bps
  • Data format: 8bit data, 1bit stop, no verify
Automatically upload data after power,60 frame/s,5 byte in a frame.
Byte Bit Signification
1 0-3 Signal strength, Pulse intensity fluctuations.
4 1 =  Search time is too long,0 = OK
5 1 = Oxygen desaturation,0 = OK
6 1 = Pulse voice prompts
7 Synchronization bits: 1
2 0-6 Pulse waveform
7 Synchronization bits: 0
3 0-3 Stick Figure
4 1 = Probe Error, 0 = OK
5 1 = Search Pulse,0 = OK
6 Pulse rate(bit 7)
7 Synchronization bits: 0
4 0-6 Pulse rate(bit 1-6)
7 Synchronization bits: 0
5 0-6 Oximetry
7 Synchronization bits: 0

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