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HKT-09A Temperature Sensor

HKT-09A digital temperature sensor is made of the negative temperature coefficient thermistor for temperature sensing element, processing through amplification circuit, AD sampling, USB communication, output the real-time temperature data. The product can be applied to PC-based temperature acquisition system can also be used for family daily temperature measurement.
USB interface
Compact, easy to use
Support secondary development
Support temperature data correction
Power: USB supply
Sampling frequency: 1Hz
Resolution: 0.1
How to use
1.  Install the device driver CP210x. Please do not connect the sensor to the computer when you install the driver.
2.  Connect the sensor to the computer, check the device virtual port number.
3.  Run the demo program.
4.  Performed the FVC test.
Communication Protocol
1.   Hardware interface: USB(USB to UART Bridge).
2.   Baud: 57600 bps. Data format: 8bit data, 1bit stop, no verify.
3.   Frame: Head(1Byte) + Command(1Byte) + Data(NByte) + CKSUM.
4.   Communication Commands
a)   Start sampling
Master -> Sensor: 0xF0 0xC0 CKSUM
Sensor -> Master: 0xF0 0xC0 TWH TWL CKSUM
PS: TWH TWL is temperature data.
b)   Stop sampling
Master -> Sensor: 0xF0 0xC1 CKSUM
Sensor -> Master: 0xF0 0xC1 CKSUM
c)   Data correction increases
Master -> Sensor: 0xF0 0xCA Data CKSUM
Sensor -> Master: 0xF0 0xCA CKSUM
d)   Data revised down
Master -> Sensor: 0xF0 0xCD Data CKSUM
Sensor -> Master: 0xF0 0xCD CKSUM
e)   Temperature switch
Master -> Sensor: 0xF0 0xCF X CKSUM
Sensor -> Master: 0xF0 0xCF CKSUM
PS: X=0 Turn off the temperature output.
    X=1 Turn on the temperature output.
    This instruction is used only when the sensor output without valid data.

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