Location:HKX-08A Heart-Rate Sensor

HKX-08A Heart-Rate Sensor

HKX-08A is a heart rate detection circuit module which integrates the analog signal processing and digital signal processing technology. It detects human ECG signal through ECG electrode. Output in synchronization with the heart beat of the pulse signal. It can be detected in parts of palms, wrists, arms, chest and so on.

Technical parameters:

Item Min Median Max Unit
Operating Voltage 2.4 3.3 5 V
Operating Current 500 650 800 uA
Pulse output range 2.2     V
Working temperature 0   60
Dimensions: Length   28   mm
Dimensions: Width   15   mm
Dimensions: High   10   mm

Pin definitions:

1      PLS    Set Power Frequency,60Hz Connect to H, 50Hz Connect to L
2      PULSE  Pulse signal output
3      GND    Power Ground
4      VCC    Power Supply
5      IN2    Electrode input 2
6      IN1    Electrode input 1

Requirements for electrode pieces:

The material of the electrode can choose metal materials or conductive silicone.
The contact area between the electrode plate and the human skin should be greater than 3 square centimeters.
The lead of the electrode wire is shielded layer, and the shield is grounded.

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