Location:HKX-08L BlueTooth Heart-Rate Sensor

HKX-08L BlueTooth Heart-Rate Sensor

HKX-08L is a real-time collection module of heart rate, through Bluetooth wireless transmission of heart rate data, with compact size, easy to use features. Suitable for all kinds of heart rate detection or monitoring system.


Bluetooth 2.0 wireless communication;
Battery, continuous working time over 35 hours;
Compact size, easy to use, with power switch, charging interface;
Scalable temperature measurement;


Power: 3.6-4.2VDC;
Standby current: 2mA;
Working current: 20mA;
Baud rate: 19200;

The acquisition parameters of heart rate:

Resolution: heart rate 1 times/ minute, cycle 1mS;
Range: 33*250 times/ minute;

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