Location:HK-2000B+ Integrated Pulse Sensor

HK-2000B+ Integrated Pulse Sensor

      HK-2000B+ pulse sensor is remodeled from HK-2000B, the sensor probe’s diameter is reduced to 15mm, most circuits are designed in an outer module, which integrates signal amplification, signal modulation, amplitude adjusting and baseline adjustment circuits. The sensor’s output can be connected to user’s A/D switching circuit directly.


Ÿ  Working Voltage: 3~3.3V DC
Ÿ  Working Current: 500~1500uA
Ÿ  Output amplitude: 0.2~3VV
Ÿ  Working environment temperature: -10~60oC
Ÿ  Storage temperature: -40~125oC
Ÿ  Size(L*W*H): 28*15*10mm
Pin Definitions
1   Signal output
2   Amplitude adjusting
3   Null
4   VCC
5   Signal input
6   Baseline adjusting
7   Power GND
8   Null
Package Dimensions
Application Circuit

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