Location:HK-2000A Integrated Pulse Sensor

HK-2000A Integrated Pulse Sensor

      HK-2000A integrated pulse sensor, by highly integrated production process, integrated the pressure-sensitive devices (PVDF piezoelectric membrane), the compensation components of sensitivity and temperature, the temperature devices, and the signal adjustment circuits. Using piezoelectric principle acquisition signals, with analog pulse signal output, which synchronous pulse-fluctuations, that is, a pulse-fluctuation produce a pulse.

      The product can be used for pulse rate detection, such as sports, fitness equipment in the heart rate testing.


Ÿ  Analog pulse signal output
Ÿ  High sensitivity
Ÿ  Strong anti-jamming performance
Ÿ  Wide overload range
Ÿ  Better consistency
Ÿ  Stable and reliable, long service life
Ÿ  Voltage: 3~12V DC
Ÿ  Pressure Range: -50~+300mmHg
Ÿ  Max Overload: 100 times
Ÿ  Output Boulevard: >VCC-1.5V
Ÿ  Output low-level: <0.2V

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