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HK-2000G Integrated Pulse Sensor

HK-2000G piezoresistive pulse sensor can generated voltage output signal which is proportional to the input pressure, with excellent repeatability and time stability.
The product is very compact, and very suitable for pulse rate detection, non-invasive Cardiovascular Function Testing, detection in Hypertensive syndrome of pregnancy, TCM pulse diagnosis, and so on.
  • Analog voltage signal output
  • Highly integrated, small form
  • High reliability, long service life
  • High sensitivity

Parameters Minimum Typical Maximum Units Remarks
Pressure Range   5.8   PSI  
Max Pressure     2X   X:Rated pressure
Environment temperature -40   125 oC -40 oF ~+257oF
Storage temperature -40   125 oC -40 oF ~+257 oF
Weight       g  
Size   ¢16x6   mm*mm  
Drive voltage   5 15 Vdc  
Drive current   1.5 3 mA  
Bridge Resistance 4 5 6 kW  
Zero drift -25 0 25 mV  
Full output voltage 50 75 100 mV  
Linearity -0.3   0.30 % Span (2)
Zero-point temperature coefficient -0.08   0.08 %Span/oC (3)
Full-range temperature coefficient -0.16 -0.214
-0.26 %Span/ oC (3) Typ. value
Resistance temperature coefficient   0.20   %/ oC (3) Typ. value
   1. In the absence of special note this table are all in the following numerical test measured under the conditions, driving voltage DC 5V, 25±3℃, relative humidity 25%~85%.
   2. Best match linear.
   3. Typical values of temperature, the range is between 0~50℃
Application Circuit
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